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Small towns, old friends, new loves, BIG trouble. Hailey Foster just wants a normal life. Still new to the design business, she has big dreams of opening her own studio. If she can just blow the lid off her latest project, then her dream can become her reality. But impressing her high-class boss, Anna, isn’t going to be easy. She has a reputation for being a class A… well, you get the idea. Hailey’s personal life isn’t much better. Her ex, Adam, won’t accept that they are over. He stalks her everywhere, causes scenes in public and starts a fight with any man who dares to even look her way. Yeah, that pretty much keeps all the men at arm’s length. All but one.

As soon as Jackson laid eyes on Hailey there was a connection he couldn’t explain. Sexual? Hell yeah. She was beyond gorgeous. But there was something else. Something he had never felt before and swore he never would. Jackson Price does not fall…Ever! After an altercation with her ex, Hailey puts the breaks on things before they even get started. But he can’t stop thinking about her. Things get tense when Hailey discovers that Jackson is the contractor on her new job. And her new boss is territorial. There’s an obvious past between the two of them. Or is it past? With mixed signals between Anna and Jackson, Hailey needs to keep her distance if she wants to keep her job. But the magnetic pull and Jackson’s determination makes that almost impossible. Now, someone is stalking her. Breaking into her house, setting fires and even running her off the road.

Has her ex gone to far? Is her boss sending her a message? Or is Jackson trying to play the hero by making her turn to him for comfort? Either way it’s a dangerous game and someone is playing for keeps.


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