Kellan : Road Demon MC – Book 1



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As the Road Demon’s VP, this club is my life. I’m loyal to my MC family, and they’re the only thing that matters to me. Until I decide to play hero to a damsel in distress. Normally, I’d use my charm to convince her to take me for a ride. But the moment I see Jenna, something about her calls to something in me. With all her secrets, she’s a complication I don’t need, but everything in me shouts with a primal urge to protect her.
A woman on the run isn’t supposed to make pitstops, let alone consider putting down roots. I know the only way to stay safe is to keep moving. I can’t afford to let anyone get close to me. It’s too dangerous for me and them, but I can’t fight it. I’m drawn to this biker and the members of his club. They prove that family isn’t always about blood.

Can Kellan save her from the demons chasing her? Can Jenna peel away the Road Demon’s tough exterior and show him love does exist?


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