Chap : Henchmen Highway Book 1



Signed Paperback

I’m starting over, again, and not for the first time. The first time I lost everything…. the people I loved, my faith in God, and my will to keep going. I found new meaning and a new family within my MC, and I’ve never looked back. Whiskey and women pass my time, and for the last eleven years I’ve been content with living the single life until a fiery blonde snags my attention. Gritty and tough, Eden Sinclair should be off limits. Getting involved with the local Sheriff’s sister is a bad idea. But when I meet her eleven-year-old daughter, all bets are off. I have a second chance at life, and Eden just may be an angel sent from Heaven.

I’m a single mother; burned once before by my brother Tyler’s ex-best friend. It’s left my relationship with Tyler estranged. He blames me for ruining his friendship and resents my daughter for being born. Nothing I do is ever good enough. So, when a handsome biker, who seems like the perfect gentleman crashes into my life, my brother is there to warn me off. The problem is, I’ve already fallen for him. And when my worst nightmare happens, it’s Chap and his club who ride in to save the day.


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