Heart of Stone : Stone Series Book 1



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A year. Twelve months. Three hundred and sixty-five days. Sounds like plenty of time, right? But it’s nowhere near enough when you’re saying goodbye. After the devastating news of my mother’s illness, I packed up and moved back home. I need to make the most of the time we have left. My new job at Stone Investments is just supposed to be a way to support myself. Catching the eye of my notorious playboy boss, isn’t part of the plan. But plans have changed.


I never saw her coming, but the gorgeous redhead is consuming all of my thoughts. She’s an employee, and therefore off limits, but it appears my brain hasn’t gotten the memo. Leah is turning into my obsession. After returning from a trip with my friends, it seems they have also developed an interest in my auburn beauty. When I find out why, it’s too late. I’m in too deep, and risk losing everything I’ve built with the woman who’s won my heart.

A lot can happen in just a year— saying goodbye, falling in love, even melting a heart of stone.

**This is book 1 and ends on a cliffhanger. This book contains adult content and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. Touches briefly on sexual assault.


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